Yana Tyres

At Kenya Masters Auto Tyres we stock All the Yana Tyres Brands from Sameer Africa Group Known for their durability and Yana Tyres Kenyaability to withstand Rough Africa Brands.

Yana Tyre Brands come in various sizes and Brand  Names which are ideal for African Roads.

These Brands Includes:-
•    Yana Daima   
•    Yana Pamoja   
•    Yana Marathon   
•    Yana Moran   
•    Yana Kazi   
•    Yana Eagle   
•    Yana Falcon   
•    Yana Milele   
•    Yana Faida   
•    Yana Monarch   
•    Yana Kilimo (For Tractors)

We have a clear vision of being a leading provider of quality tyre products, both nationally and internationally>>

For many motorists, tyres barely rate a second thought, until one goes flat or they need to be replaced>>

Kenya Masters Auto Tyres prides itself of a huge stock of local and imported range of tyres>>

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